Our Yurts


Yurts have taken the place of becoming symbolic of an environmentally aware low-impact renaissance in Europe. Our Yurts are built with a love and respect for the wood we choose, and it is all sourced locally from the sustainably managed slopes of the French Pyrennes


Finding the right Yurt for you can be tricky. Here at Kindred Spirit Yurts / dessine moi une yourte we engage with your vision, linking it in with our experience, to build your yurt. From choosing the timber to hand finishing, we draw on traditional technique and modern application to ensure trustworthy, quality and durable tents.


Years of experience have given us a unique view into living with yurts. Whether considering your first one, or upgrading to the new, we can offer consultation and support for your projects.

Specialists in Bentwood Yurts

Using local materials, the frames are made of carefully selected, sustainably managed timber, and our aim is to provide long-lasting structures of elegance, simplicity and natural harmony.  Whether you are looking for a garden retreat, a small home, a 'glamping' space or a function room.

Our bespoke, hard-wearing canvas covers are individually tailored for each tent with hemp or woolen felt insulations and linings providing comfort and durability, ensuring many years of enjoyable use with our tents.

Over 12 years improving every
detail in designing and building
bentwood yurts.

Entering for the first time
was like coming home.

Fine Yurts made to order

Our Kyrgyz style yurts differ from the Mongolian Ger both aesthetically and mechanically. The steam bent wood work of these heirloom structures combines the typical domed roof buoyancy associated to these tents with a light, voluminous, airy feel “ as if reaching to the sky..”.

Steambending the wood adds a unique sprung effect to the structure, enabling it to weather the harshest conditions.

On the whole, we make bespoke yurts, working closely with our clients to help them realise the essence of their dream-tent.



Even now, I still experience that catch-of-breath when we put a yurt frame up for the first time.

what the Kyrgistani refer to as the "Eternal Homeland"
or the "Homeland of the Soul"

The yurt is simple, harmonious and calm : a focus for daily living - nature by design.

The circle not only bringing one back to centre, but at the same time unconciously bringing a 360° awareness of the environment and ones place therein.

"Whether the circle moves with you,

or you are moved by it, it is the same."

When we look up at the star filled sky on a summer evening, the dome of heaven stretching to the horizons and beyond, we begin to feel a sense of place.That place is a mirror of who we are, and a connection to our heritage.

Yurt specialists, Kindred Spirit Yurts, make yurts and other structures to amplify this connection, providing simple elegant tents in harmony with the surroundings

Beautifully and comfortable living spaces built with quality in mind

"Being in touch with the natural world is crucial."

- David Attenborough

Wedding Yurts

Our 42’ or 13m00 mega-yurt are unique.  There aren’t many of these tents being made in the West at present.  This collaborative enterprise brought together some of the most innovative yurtmakers in Europe in an exceptional project - the results: “..maybe the most beautiful Wedding Yurts in Britain…

From the intimate to the palatial.
penbedw Wedding set up

Yurt Weddings

Looking to be married in a Yurt?

Why not visit “the big’n” at Penbedw Estate. Seasonally pitched in the Celtic Hills of North Wales, the romantic setting for this gorgeous yurt nestles among the rolling parks and forested glades of the Flintshire Hills.

Seating 120 at table, this amazingly spacious yurt offers a uniquely beautiful experience

Meet Us

Working together to build future homes


Woodwork Technician and Design

Artisan, creative director and tent maker, a core member of dessinemoiuneyourte since we started. With a background ranging from street theatre and events management to anthropology and personal growth, dave has lived and worked with yurts and other tents for more than 15 yrs. His vision and skills in yurtmaking help direct and oversee all our projects.



human resources

With a background in Enviromental Engineering, permaculture and several years in human resources managing the volunteer program at boom!! festival, Ana came to us some years ago to learn tent making. From hands-on in the workshop, to organising volunteers, her commitment and enthusiasm shine brightly for us all!



Woodwork and technical support

With a background in eco-construction and model making, Emie is a pivotal member of the team, providing imaginative solutions, humour and hardwork.



Cover Developer and tent designer

with years of experience in tent making, jeni's professionalism as a cover maker is second to none. She is CEO of Faitadessein.com



Yurt Owner

"One has only to enter to be moved by the grandeur of these yurts, at once feeling what home should be.
Cosy and amazing wide open space."
Ten years into the wild.
From snow to blazing sun and still as new.
Better isolation then in any house I lived in.
<3 <3 <3



Yurt Life

"I moved into my yurt last winter. I'm really happy with the results - I find myself feeling even better than I could have possibly imagined. I am more and more in harmony with nature, the earth, and within myself. A huge thankyou to al that helped me realise this dream.


Thoughts and perspectives