Dave Wyatt has been a yurt maker for over a decade, and has developed a style and elegance in his structures drawing largely from the beauty of the wood itself, but also from his previous work as an artist.  His connection to tents, and outdoor life in general spans nearly 30 yrs through his working with festival organisations in britain, and more recently his life on a mountainside in the Pyrenees.

"In my childhoods mind, i am in a tent, under the awning, looking up at the star-filled night sky; aware of the forest with its' own presence around me -

held within the homeland of the soul."

Making these circular trellis tents is a passion for him.  Having lived in, and with Yurts over the last 14 yrs, he has worked systematically towards refining his skills as a maker, with each project presenting new ideas and possibilities.




Having studied the Anthropology of Rite and Ritual, coupled with Late Prehistoric Archaeology (MA) in his 20's, he worked  as a freelance Archaeologist, Theatre Technician and Production Assistant (BFS community arts), and Graphic Artist for several years, before realising that his calling was more focused on reconnecting and reestablishing a deeper resonance with the natural world, and living closer with the rhythm of the earth.

"Since then, I having been living with, and building yurts - seeking the harmony and rhythm reflected in their structure, and the profound peace offered by these beautiful spaces.  In some ways it feels like a way of realising in 3d the images that engaged me in graphic art and painting.."