These structures are created by laying out timbers, one on top of another in a spiral pattern to produce a self supporting roof frame. The wood used can be either round logs cut straight out the forest, or sawn timber (as in the example).   The unique geometry of these roof hold within it an harmonious rhythm and beauty.

The project at Pena Rosa was to create a circular roof structure to provide shade from the unrelenting Mediterranean Sun.  The roof was built out of douglas fir beams using 16 rafters, and was supported by an octagonal frame made of local chestnut.  At 8m00 diameter, we allowed for the intersecting circle to measure 1m00, and currently our friends are in process of adding a covering of reeds to create the desired shade.

From the initial drawings, and a couple of small models to check the correct positioning of the liasing joints, the building of this roof was a very interesting process.  When we eventually put the last beam into place on site, the effect was more than we could have imagined. Simplicity and beauty!  A very worthwhile experience.

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