Wedding Yurts, Multi Yurts and Sacred Space

Over the years we’ve made several extra large spaces, from wedding yurts to multi-yurts( more than 1 yurt joined together) . These projects present their own demands and requirements, and are always exciting and rewarding in their own way.

The Penbedw Estate Yurt came in at just under 13m00 diameter once the math was done, and was such an exciting project to undertake. For sure, there were many elements to juggle in, some really taxing, some just as equally stimulating, as we worked our way through all the different parts of the structure.

From the enormous amount of wood used for the rafters and wall-sticks, to the specifically chosen pieces for the laminated wheel-circles, at moments it felt that we were just swimming in wood. Working with such rhythmic trigonometry has been deeply inspiring, and the liminal space created by our big yurts touches the soul in a very profound way.

One has only to enter to be moved by the grandeur of these yurts, at once feeling a connection to the sacred, and also to the lineage of an older tribal vision and heritage.

Being used for a variety of events ranging from seminars to weddings and workshops, these tents offer a spacious yet intimate setting for our moments of social, and spiritual


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